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LinksToValue is a 'One Stop Shop' providing comprehensive litigation support services to law firms and attorneys.

We provide years of expertise and services to support the legal industry. We have highly trained medical experts who can summarize and evaluate medical records as well as provide cost-effective medical record analysis. Our services offering include:


Medical Record Review

LinksToValue’s in-depth medical record review services allow the attorneys get a clear and sequential understanding of their client’s medical treatment with account of all the minor and major medical events during that time.


Medical Record Retrieval

Timely availability of the medical records related to the case is the key to its speedy closure. Medical records retrieval services involve identifying and retrieving the records from various medical facilities and practitioners.


Medical Chronology

We ensure that you drive better medical review outcomes with our focused, condensed and easily interpretable medical summaries that enables them in grasping patient facts more rapidly.


Drafting Demand Letters

Drafting an effective, polite and well-drafted demand letter increases the chances of getting the desired response from the insurance adjuster and persuading them to provide adequate compensation.


Drafting Deposition Summaries

The deposition summaries prepared by our team of professionals are a concise digest of a deposition transcript covering all the critical points of the case arranged chronologically by page and line.

Contract Management services

Contract Management Services

The contract management services offered by LTV include: Contract Drafting services, Contract Review/Auditing Services and Contract Abstraction Services.


Legal Coding and Indexing

Our legal coding and indexing services help our clients in sorting, indexing, organizing and easily retrieving the case legal documents thus maximizing operational efficiency of your team.

legal research

Legal Research

Out team of lawyers have been offering the most credible, accurate, current and cost-effective legal research services to our clients. We focus on striving to improve the quality of our legal research services to maximize the success of our clients.

Paralegal services

Paralegal Services

The need of professional paralegal support service has been a pre-requisite during effective litigation. Our experienced paralegal team delivers excellent results in Litigation and transactional day-to-day support services.


Legal Transcription Services

Our team of experienced and qualified legal transcribers that has been handling a wide spectrum of legal transcription services for our clients. We offer accurate and quality legal transcription of your audio and/or video files and can present the output in your desired format.


Document Conversion Services

Gathering information from varied resources such as paper documents, scanned documents, images, faxes, emails etc. posts multiple challenges. LTV can provide you with the most reliable & effective document conversion services.


Legal Data Entry/Data Management

LTV's legal data entry personnel have helped our global clients in capturing pertinent details from hardcopies, scanned images, handwritten and online legal documents with highest accuracy and a quick turnaround.

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Allow us to align our expertise with your business objectives. Please write to us at [email protected] to learn more about our litigation support services.

In today’s times, it is imperative for any law firm/corporate legal department to have robust procedures for managing the contracts that they get into with their clients, their suppliers/vendors, their partners or their employees. Practically every legal firm would have a great number of active and concluded contracts stored with them in the forms of paper files or digital media. Most of the regulatory compliance procedures not only focus on how these contracts are stored but also focus on how efficiently is the critical information contained in these contracts managed and organized.

Right from drafting a new contract to managing one after its closure, the entire process posts enough challenges that weighs down upon legal professionals and firms. That’s exactly where a team of well-trained professionals with experience in offering contact management services comes in handy.

The contract management services team at LinksToValue comprises of legally trained professionals and experienced paralegal staff and is well-versed with the handling various types of contracts pertaining to diverse industry verticals. The contract management services offered by LTV consist of:

  • Contract Drafting Services

Our team has been assisting various firms with preparing of initial drafts of various contracts based on their in-house legacy contracts or templates and modifying them as per the variables/guidelines for the newer ones. These contract drafts are then vetted by the legally trained professionals before final delivery. Thus our clients save a great deal of time in finalizing these contracts.

  • Contract Review/Contact Auditing

For the existing contracts, the contract review/auditing team at LinksToValue can assist with a diligent review of various clauses in the contract from both completion and compliance view point. Our contract review services include but are not limited to:

Identification of any inconsistent or contradictory inclusions in the contract

Recommend any additions/amendments favouring our clients’ interests

Flagging any differences between the versions of these contracts

Check the formatting consistency and hyperlinking in the contracts

  • Contract Abstraction/Contract Summerization

Sometimes these contracts may run into hundreds of pages which makes their review an extremely t-me-consuming and tedious process for any attorney. Contract Abstraction team at LinksToValue has vast experience in providing accurate and high volume contact abstracting services for a wide spectrum of contracts. LTV’s contract abstraction services include extraction of information related to key dates, involved parties, various service/legal clauses, contract term/tenure, commercial terms, renewal and termination clauses, jurisdiction, and other pertinent information. This abstracted data can be then be migrated to any standard database format for hassle-free storage and retrieval in the future.

LinksToValue’s contract management services are handled by a well-qualified team with technical and technological expertise in dealing with high volume contract abstraction projects comprising a wide spectrum of projects, including:

  • Service Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisition Contracts
  • Real-estate Lease Documents
  • Insurance Agreements
  • Licence Agreements
  • Vendor/Supplier Agreements
  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Statements of Work
  • Intellectual Property Agreements
  • Liens

To get more information about how LTV’s contract management services can help your firm, please write to us at [email protected] OR call us at + 1 (347) 269 0509.

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